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I have been trying for some time to serve & cache static files for my rails app using nginx. the rails app server runs mongrel_cluster and is deployed on a different host than that of nginx.

following many of the available discussions I tried the following

server {

     listen       80;

     server_name  www.myappserver.com;

     ssl on;

     root /var/apps/myapp/current/public;

     location ~ ^/(images|javascripts|stylesheets)/ {

            root /var/apps/myapp/current;

            expires 10y;


     location / {

                    proxy_pass http://myapp_upstream;



But nginx fails to find the images and to load the css and js files. Can anyone help me out here?

My aim is to configure nginx in such a way that it caches the static files till expiry.

Please suggest me some way to achieve this or am I missing any point here?

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Hey there. I believe Ezra here @ Engine Yard wrote a blog post on this years ago. All of this works out of the box @ EY, so that is one way to utilize his expertise. :-)

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