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What I have going on is a listview inside of my windows form.

How can I make so that only when you double click a row it pulls data for row X and column 3.

meaning I have a listview of...


so if i double clicked row thats begins with @ it will read in column 3 ($).

I aleady have FullRowSelect = True

I figured this out thanks everyone!

string hyperurl = listView1.FocusedItem.SubItems[2].Text;

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Used SelectedItems rather than FocusedItem, as MusiGenesis suggested. Focus is not the same as selection. –  Grammarian Apr 3 '10 at 22:57

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Use this code for your ListView's DoubleClick event:

private void listView1_DoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (listView1.SelectedItems.Count > 0)
        ListViewItem item = listView1.SelectedItems[0];
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