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Is there a way to create an external cron job on a server using PHP?

I'm writing a Wordpress plugin that requires a scheduled task to run every 10 minutes. I'm aware of Wordpress's native WP-Cron but cannot use this because it depends on pageviews to execute. Creating the job manually through cPanel isn't an attractive option either because my userbase isn't very technical.

I have seen some suggestions about using wget and the PHP command line tool for creating cron jobs. Could either of these approaches be executed from within a PHP function, for example, something I could run during a plugin's activation hook?


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You might also find this useful: – i alarmed alien Sep 4 '14 at 15:16
Thanks for the link, and please correct me if I'm misunderstanding. I would write my plugin using WP-Cron and during setup, I would send the user's website to my central server. My central server would add the user's website to a list. The Aaron Jorbin plugin would then ping this list every 10 minutes, causing the WP-Cron job to fire. – dcmalk Sep 4 '14 at 17:47

I think it´s impossible using only php (php couldn´t be started forewer it´s script). Maybe if you will be loading some page via ajax in cycle (problem - your device will need to stay online) or use some programming language no script. But cron is better solution ;)

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If you can HTTP post your function, I suggest to use

I personally use it and does his job ;)


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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem a good fit as this plugin will have a userbase and released to the public. Cool service though, thanks for the suggestion :) – dcmalk Sep 4 '14 at 17:49

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