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I have passed a value into a search page via -

<%= link_to 'add', users_path(bookto: @book.id) %>

in the view and

@book = Book.find_by_id(params[:bookto])

in the receiving controller action.

I have a search form in my receiving (index) view

<%= form_tag users_path(params[bookto: @book.id]), method: 'get' do %>
    <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search] %>
    <%= submit_tag "Search", name: nil %>
<% end %>

<%= "#{@book.id}, #{@book.title}" %>

<% if @users %>
    <%= render partial: 'layouts/showusers', locals: {users: @users} %>
<% end %>

When I navigate through to the page


The value of @book is passed properly. However, when I perform a search, the parameter is not being passed to


I'm not passing the parameter through. I don't want to use this arbitrary parameter in the search, I just want it available to me to use once the search is complete. How do I achieve this? Do I need to add a search action to my controller?

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If nothing else, you'd probably want to use @book.id as the parameter, not the book's string representation. How is the link rendering? –  Dave Newton Sep 4 at 16:27
Hi - good point on @book.id, I've made that change and will update the question. When I run the search it falls over with 'ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#index Couldn't find Book without an ID' - thanks, Dan –  RADan Sep 4 at 16:31
This isn't really your problem but it's always safer to say @book = Book.find_by_id(params[:bookto]) rather than @book = Book.find(params[:bookto]): the former will set @book to nil if it doesn't find a book, the latter will explode. –  Max Williams Sep 4 at 16:39
Thanks Max, that's good to know, have updated accordingly. –  RADan Sep 4 at 16:45

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Why don't just add a hidden field inside your search form like this

<%= form_tag users_path, method: 'get' do %>
    <%= hidden_field_tag :bookto, @book.id %>
    <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search] %>
    <%= submit_tag "Search", name: nil %>
<% end %>

Because you would want to see bookid in your URL anyway, so this method is ok in your case.

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Thanks, this seems to do it - and am I right in thinking that the controller is picking up the value? –  RADan Sep 4 at 17:30
@RADan not sure what you mean. The params will be passed to controller and you can get the value through params object –  The Lazy Log Sep 5 at 6:04
Yep, got it, cheers :) –  RADan Sep 5 at 7:07

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