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Does anyone know if there exists a plugin to Eclipse which can auto complete filenames for files in the project.

So if I type images/s [Alt+tab] it should present a list of all files located in images starting with s. Like the auto-complete for types but using filenames.

It would be really cool if it worked with all kinds of editors.

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You can use

Ctrl Shift R to open any other resource in the project, e.g. *.jpg

Martin, in response to your comment, in those cases I usually use the find command which is available in Linux and Windows/cygwin

find . -name '*.jpg'

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I do not want to open the resource in eclipse. I want to insert the name of the file as text. Imagine I am writing html and can't remember all the names of the different images when doing an img tag –  Martin Tilsted Apr 2 '10 at 17:34
Cntrl Shift R is great - you can use wildcards as armandino says, but you can also find a file easily if you know its name. E.G. If you need to open the class named MyObjectFactory.java, you can type Cntrl Shift R and type 'MOF' in the box, and it'll use the mixed case to list all files that have capital M O and F in their names. –  elduff Apr 2 '10 at 17:36

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