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I need a simple parser generator. The language does not matter. It only has to be easy and well documented.

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Have you looked at ANTLR?

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I found SableCC for Java pretty easy to use, back in the days of my compiler construction classes. A tutorial is here.

Edit: Those days were a few years back. Looking at the other answers, you might be better off with ANTLR. I'll let the votes decide!

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You're definitely going to want to take a look at ANTLR. It's not only well-documented but is considered one of the de-facto utilities for language designers.

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If you want to work in Visual Studio and possibly use C#, look at MPPG from Microsoft, part of the Managed Language Services SDK.

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I'm fond of bison, also known as yacc. It's not terribly hard, but it requires knowing C.

If you are more a Perl person, Parse::RecDescent is not difficult either.

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