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I would like to pass Multiple parameters for single param in action tag.


<action name="question" class="com.xxx.xxx.action"> <param name="hint">abc</param> <result name="success">Answers.jsp</result> </action>

I have getters and setters for hint (String) variable in my action.

Currently i can be able to get parameter value for hint variable as abc if i send one.

I would like to send multiple parameters for same variable(hint)

ex: <param name="hint">abc, xyz</param>

how can achieve the above.

Thanks in advance Raju

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I don't think you can do that, apart from the obvious hacks For example, just write the above in you mapping and in your action convert the string to a array

  String[] getHintsArray() {
       return getParam("hint").split("\\s*,\\s*");
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Thanks for the reply...I tried in similar way it worked but i thought is there any other way to do it in struts2 ? –  raju Apr 6 '10 at 13:36

I found the best answer here (look at the bottom of the page):

If for some reason the link is broken, here is what you do:

<s:param name="queryType" value="new java.lang.String[]{'PRIMARY','SECONDARY'}"/>

If you are submitting a <s:form>, you just use the same NAME for multiple parameters and Struts2 automatically creates the String Array!

Just remember to create the correct setter and getter in your action, for example:

    public void setQueryType(String[] queryType){
        this.queryType = queryType;

Notice that you declare String[ ] as an Array, that's all!

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It might work...i need to try –  raju Apr 28 '11 at 15:15

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