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having a similar model:

class Foo(models.Model):
    slug = models.SlugField(unique=True)
    img = ImageWithThumbnailsField(upload_to='uploads/',thumbnail={'size': (56, 34)})

It works fine but I want to add 2 more features to it:

1- It should also generate a second thumbnail sized 195x123, in addition to 56x34

2- While saving the model original image and it's two thumbnails should be renamed as by using the slug.

For instance

I am uploading 1.jpg and I name slug as "i-like-this-country2" I should save these named versions should be saved:

1- i-like-this-country2_original.jpg
2- i-like-this-country2_middle.jpg  #for 195x123
3- i-like-this-country2_small.jpg #for 56x34
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1 Answer 1

First part:

Just pass it in like this: sizes=( (56,34), (195,123), )

Second part:

You can specify a function for the upload_to which Django will call, passing it an instance of the model and the original filename. With that, you can put together a function that renames the file based on the slug because Django will use whatever you return it instead. Untested code, but something like this:

def _Foo_img_name(instance, filename):
    # grab the extension
    left_path, extension ='.',1)

    # change the filename then return
    return 'uploads/%s.%s' % (instance.slug, extension)

class Foo(models.Model):
    img = ImageWithThumbnailsField(upload_to=_Foo_img_name, ... )

I don't believe you can do is change the <filename>_56x34.jpg into anything but that.

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