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I am reading WCF book.It states that the client can consume service running on same AppDomain or different application Domain.

Suppose I am creating a service in IIS localhost.


localhost\TestService\Service.svc (WCFService Website).

and my client is in

d:\demo\client (windows form)
  • Does it mean client is running on different AppDomian and Service is running on different Appdomain?
  • How can i have client and service both running on same AppDomain?
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The book is saying that it's possible to have the service and client in the same AppDomain, not that it's necessary, or even possible in all cases.

An example would be if your windows forms application was hosting a service and also calling the same service.

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Now it is clear Mr John. –  user274364 Apr 2 '10 at 19:55

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