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I have a live rails website and I want to have a form with a lot of fields on it. I have set up validations and allowed formatting for every field. I've tested it quite a bit and it seems to catch anything I throw at it. I think it's almost ready to go live, but I want to quadruple check if there's anything else I should do to protect it. My site has a low volume of visitors, but I want it to be a safe as possible. I'd like to avoid using a captcha if I can. I've read that you can use a hidden field to protect forms against bots. Do people recommend this instead of using a captcha, or even using it with a captcha?

my form is really standard:

<% form_for(@entry) do |f| %>
  <%= f.submit 'Create' %>
<% end %>

Any suggestions or code samples would be greatly appreciated.

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You should whitelist a list of attributes that the user is allowed to edit in your model using attr_accessible

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Write tests/specs for your models/controllers/views?

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