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This question was asked at interview. Say I have a contract.

public interface IMyService
  void methodForClientA();

   void  AnothermethodForClientA();

   void methodForClientB();

  void  AnothermethodForClientB();

When a clientA access the contract it should only see the operation contracts

void methodForClientA(),void  AnothermethodForClientA().

Is it possible in WCF ?

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You cannot keep client A and client B from seeing each other's methods, because they're all defined in the same contract.

You can, however, keep Client A and Client B from calling each other's methods, using WCF's security mechanisms.

Alternatively, you could have two separate services, each unique to the client.


The more I think about it, the more I would prefer the separate services options for such a scenario. If you have methods specific to each client, you really have separate services anyway, each specific to the particular client.

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