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I am using this pattern and matching a string.

String s = "//name:value /name:value";
if (s.matches("(//?\\s*\\w+:\\w+\\s*)+")) {
  // it fits

This works properly.
But if I want to have a string like "/name-or-address:value/name-or-address:value" which has this '-' in second part, it doesn't work.
I am using \w to match A-Za-z_, but how can I include - in that?

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Use [\w-] to combine both \w and -.

Note that - should always be at the beginning or end of a character class, otherwise it will be interpreted as defining a range of characters (for instance, [a-z] is the range of characters from a to z, whereas [az-] is the three characters a,z,and-).

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I don't know if it answers your question but why not replacing \w+ with (\w|-)+ or [\w-]+ ?

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No reason to use a group and or operator here - character classes should be defined using [], not OR's. – Amber Apr 2 '10 at 20:36

[-\w] (Or in a string, [-\\w].)

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How about

 if (s.matches("/(/|\\w|-|:\\w)+")) {
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