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I have to display in a cxdbGrid column 'Test √', and I got the check mark by using a symbol font but the rest of the characters changed.

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It's quite common to include some type of image to represent the state of a column in a grid control. You could implement your own OnCustomDrawCellEvent to put an icon image there, instead of text and a font. Below is a link to a tutorial of how to accomplish this.

How to draw an icon along with the text in a grid cell

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I don't have an answer if you do actually need to have the check as part of actual text in the text column. I don't think I've ever seen an app that did it that way though. The usual way of doing this is to add a column to the left or right of the text column in question and have the new column use a checkbox control. Then just set the value of the checkbox column to true or false.

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+1, in this case where the image is just a check mark I would go with this solution. Just add a field to the grid and set it Properties property to CheckBox. –  johnny Apr 6 '10 at 6:38

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