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In system network preference there are some location names.How to get the current or active network location name and list of all network locations?
I guess SystemConfiguration.framework supports this but i didn't get exactly which API to use.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Devara Gudda

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You can use SCPreferencesCreate to get the preferences, then SCNetworkSetCopyAll to get just the network locations. SCNetworkSetGetName will get the name of a location.

SCPreferencesRef prefs = SCPreferencesCreate(NULL, @"SystemConfiguration", NULL);
NSArray *locations = (NSArray *)SCNetworkSetCopyAll(prefs);
for (id item in locations) {
    NSString *name = (NSString *)SCNetworkSetGetName((SCNetworkSetRef)item);

Read "System Configuration Programming Guidelines" for more.

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Thanks it's working. I am using SCNetworkSetCopyCurrent to get the current n/w location. – Raviprakash Apr 4 '10 at 5:38

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