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What are the possible ways to send and receive sms from java application ?

Note: I am expecting a list of possible ways. also your opinion about each, which is better / how?

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Have a look at Simplewire Java SMS Software Development Kit

Sending and receiving SMS From Java using the Ozeki Java SMS SDK

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Yeah Simplewire is good choice it is realy easy to use :) –  sfrj Mar 11 '11 at 11:04
Actually I am using smpp protocol to send sms binding smsc server. But for this I need to cooperate with telecom operator. So it's not quite easy for small clients and short period of time. Is there any option to send using our mobile phone device and java application? Without needing any external device except our mobile phone. –  Yubaraj Oct 22 '14 at 6:28

if all you want is simple notifications, many carriers support SMS via email; see SMS through E-Mail

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(Disclaimer: I work at Twilio)

Twilio offers a Java SDK for sending SMS via the Twilio REST API.

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what if i want to recieve it on my server? –  Jigar Joshi Apr 12 '10 at 4:47
You would sign up for a Twilio account, then assign a URL to be hit when an incoming message is received: twilio.com/sms –  Runscope API Tools Apr 13 '10 at 14:40

There is an API called SMSLib, it's really awsome. http://smslib.org/


Now you have a lot of Saas providers that can give you this service using there APIs

Ex: mailchimp, esendex...

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+1 Thank you, just what I needed! A C++ port would be great, but since the library has http/ip interface would work for me also. –  Valentin Heinitz Dec 2 '12 at 20:42

The best SMS API I've seen in Java is JSMPP. It is powerful, easy to use, and I used it myself for an enterprise-level application (sending over 20K SMS messages daily).

This API created to reduce the verbosity of the existing SMPP API. It's very simple and easy to use because it hides the complexity of the low level protocol communication such as automatically enquire link request-response.

I've tried some other APIs such as Ozeki, but most of them either is commercial or has limitation in its throughput (i.e can't send more than 3 SMS messages in a second, for example).

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You can you LOGICA SMPP Java API for sending and Recieving SMS in Java application. LOGICA SMPP is well proven api in telecom application. Logica API also provide you with signalling capicity on TCP/IP connection.

You can directly integrate with various telecom operator accross the world.

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It depends on how you're going to work and who your provider is.

If you work with a sms-gateway company you'll probably work through SMPP protocol (3.4 is still the most common), then have a look on OpenSMPP and jSMPP. These are powerful libs to work with SMPP.

If you're going to work with your own hardware (f.e. a gsm-modem) the easiest way to send messages is through AT commands, they differ depends on the model, so, you should find out what AT commands is supported by your modem. Next, if your modem has an IP and open to connection, you can send commands through java socket

Socket smppSocket = new Socket("YOUR_MODEM_IP", YOUR_MODEM_PORT);
DataOutputStream os = new DataOutputStream(smppSocket.getOutputStream());
DataInputStream is = new DataInputStream(smppSocket.getInputStream());


Otherwise you'll work through a COM port, but the method is the same (sending AT commands), you can find more information how to work with serial ports here.

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OMK.smpp. API. it's base on SMPP and simulator is also available for free


And another option is Kannel a free WAP and SMS gateway.

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TextMarks gives you access to its shared shortcode to send and receive text messages from your app via their API. Messages come from/to 41411 (instead of e.g. a random phone# and unlike e-mail gateways you have the full 160 chars to work with).

You can also tell people to text in your keyword(s) to 41411 to invoke various functionality in your app. There is a JAVA API client along with several other popular languages and very comprehensive documentation and technical support.

The 14 day free trial can be easily extended for developers who are still testing it out and building their apps.

Check it out here: TextMarks API Info

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There are two ways : First : Use a SMS API Gateway which you need to pay for it , maybe you find some trial even free ones but it's scarce . Second : To use AT command with a modem GSM connected to your laptop . that's all

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smslib is very useful for this purpose u can connect a modem with Your pc and use this lib to send sms . It works I have used it

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I suggest a cloud based solution like Twilio. Cloud based solutions are cost-effective, than an in-house solution as the there is no ongoing maintenance, required. SMS through email is not an elegant solution, as you have to get the carrier information from the user and you can never be sure that you can text all mobile numbers. I am using twilio java api in my web application, to send sms from serverside. within few minutes, you can integrate with your app.


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