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When you hit the delete button a nice effect is run on that li and it is removed by using jquery's .remove() function. For some reason if i try to .size() on the parent ul it just still says the number of list items that were there when the page loaded?


var href = $(this).attr("href");
setTimeout("alert( $('ul.list').children().size());",300)
return false;
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This piece of code


is conceptually wrong.
You expect $(this) to be in closure but you are actually passing a string to the setTimeout callback.

So, when the callback is executed, $(this) refer to window (or document?? correct me plz)

You can put a callback to the slideUp function you call, so that you remove that element after the slideUp has terminated:

$(this).parent("li").slideUp(300,  function (){ $(this).remove();});
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Hey, SlideUp does not remove the element. It actually changes it's height and afterwards sets it's display to none.

Use a callback to remove the element.

$(this).parent("li").slideUp(300,  function (){ $(this).remove();});
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