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If you go to the iphone library and then go to songs, you will see the songs being displayed in a similar way to the MPMediaItemPicker class does. The only difference is that the ipod application shows the search bar right at the top of the list and also a nice alphabetical scroll on the right hand side whereas the MPMediaItemPicker class only isplays a simple scroll going up and down. How can i implement an alphabetical scroll on the right in the MPMediaItemPicker class? Can someone please help me.

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Check out this code:


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exactly what i was looking for! thanks –  Pavan Apr 15 '12 at 0:51

As far as i know you cannot customize the MPMediaPickerController yourself beyond of course what is stated in the documentation.

You will need to implement your own picker, using media queries (by song ,by artist, etc).

I suggest reading: “Using the iPod Library” in Apple's "iPod Library Access Programming Guide"

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