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When I write to the beginning of the file,it always leaves the first line empty,and start writing from the second one.
How can I make it write from the first line,including the first one and on?

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Please be more specific. You may get better answers if you supply a code example showing what you're doing and what you expect the result to be. –  JesperE Nov 2 '08 at 17:53
best question ever +1 –  JohnIdol Nov 2 '08 at 18:55

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If I understand your question correctly, you are creating a new file or overwriting an existing file and afterwards the file starts with a blank line that you do not want? If so, you are probably printing out a newline ("\n" or endl) at the beginning without realizing it.

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Sounds like you are outputting a newline character before the first line . Can you post some code that has the problem?

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Also, make sure that, if the file is not a new file, that you are not opening the file in 'append' mode.

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