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The directoryReader gets you dirs in current dir in File[]-format.


DirectoryReader data = new DirectoryReader();
File[] dirs = data.getDirsInDir(".");
File[] dirsMore = data.getDirsInDir("..");

// How can I append dirsMore to dirs-file[]?
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    File[] concat(File[] A, File[] B) 
     File[] C= new File[A.length+B.length];
     System.arraycopy(A, 0, C, 0, A.length);
     System.arraycopy(B, 0, C, A.length, B.length);
     return C;

Heres the doc for java's arraycopy() method.

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You can't append to an array. The simplest way is to put the array into a Collection, do an "addAll" to the other array, and then use "toArray" on the Collection.

List<File> fileList = new ArrayList<File>();

File[] allDirs = fileList.toArray(new File[0]);
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List<File> aList = Arrays.asList(dirs);
List<File> bList = Arrays.asList(dirsMore);

aList.addAll(bList);  // a has all elements
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I'm pretty sure a List you get from Arrays.asList can't be appended to. –  Paul Tomblin Apr 3 '10 at 12:05
thanks , im tried it now and it make exception : java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException –  Wajdy Essam Apr 3 '10 at 12:17

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