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can curl be used on google app engine ?

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No. To make HTTP requests, you need to use the urlfetch service.

urllib, urllib2, and httplib on App Engine are patched to transparently use this API for you, so any third-party module that does HTTP requests using one of these standard modules will work.

The 'c' in cURL is there because the library is written in C; cURL interfaces in other languages (like pycurl) use the libcurl library, and can't be use on App Engine, as modules that reply on C extensions are not allowed.

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is there any way then by which i can simulate twitter and facebook logins? – Bunny Rabbit Apr 4 '10 at 9:14

I would recommand using the URL fetch service. For example in python

from google.appengine.api import urlfetch

url = ""
result = urlfetch.fetch(url)
if result.status_code == 200:
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Take a look at Twitter4J - specifically mentions App Engine support.

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The answers to this are a bit dated. cURL totally works on GAE now. We are using it a number of places in our PHP application that is hosted on GAE.

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