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I want to copy data from a database to another, but I'd like to keep the primary key from the original database so it won't mess with the relationships. I'm using SQL Server 2008.

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As already mentioned, IDENTITY_INSERT is the flag you'll want to set for each table to allow you to set a particular value on the identity column for each inserted record.

But if you're merely trying to duplicate an entire existing database (or most of it), not just copy a few tables, I recommend just doing a full backup of the database, restore the BAK file to a new database name, and then make your modifications to the clone.

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I assume your primary keys are IDENTITY? If so, you should use SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON for the table (only one table at a time) - if you use a tool like SSIS or similar for the transfer, there is usually an option to allow you to insert identities.

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you can use bcp command for this work. with bcp command you can bulk copy your data. this command have a switch that keep your identity.

for see more details go to this link.

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