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I've been fooling around with code for ages on this one, I would be very grateful if someone could provide a code sample that downloaded this file from a server http://www.archive.org/download/june_high/june_high_512kb.mp4, (By the way it's not actually this file, it's just a perfect example for anyone trying to help me) and then play it from the documents directory. I know it seems lazy of me to ask this but I have tried so many different variations of NSURLConnection that it's driving me crazy. Also, if I did manage to get the video file downloaded would I be correct in assuming this code would then successfully play it:

NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
NSString *documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0]; 
NSString *path = [documentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"june_high_512kb.mp4"]; 
NSURL *movieURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:path]; 
self.theMovie = [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc] initWithContentURL:movieURL];
[_theMovie play];

If the above code would work in playing a video file from the document directory, then I guess the only thing I would need to know is, how to download a video file from a server. Which is what seems to be my major problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Your code will work to play a movie file.

The simplest way to download is synchronously:

NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:movieUrl];
[data writeToURL:movieUrl atomically:YES];

But it is better (for app responsiveness, etc) to download asynchronously:

    NSURLRequest *theRequest = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:movieUrl cachePolicy:NSURLRequestReloadIgnoringLocalCacheData timeoutInterval:60];
    receivedData = [[NSMutableData alloc] initWithLength:0];
        NSURLConnection *connection = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:theRequest delegate:self startImmediately:YES];

This requires implementing the informal NSURLConnection protocol:

- (void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveResponse:(NSURLResponse *)response {
    [UIApplication sharedApplication].networkActivityIndicatorVisible = YES;
    [receivedData setLength:0];

- (void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveData:(NSData *)data {
    [receivedData appendData:data];

- (void) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error {
    [UIApplication sharedApplication].networkActivityIndicatorVisible = NO;
    [connection release];

- (NSCachedURLResponse *) connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection willCacheResponse:(NSCachedURLResponse *)cachedResponse {
    return nil;

- (void) connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)connection {
    [UIApplication sharedApplication].networkActivityIndicatorVisible = NO;
    [connection release];
    [self movieReceived];

and then saving (and playing) the movie file in the movieReceived method.

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Thanks, Good Answer, really helped me a lot. I made a minor change to your code though, instead of appendData I use writeData, as the app bombs out with appendData when downloading large files. But still excellent code example. – Sam Apr 7 '10 at 0:20
Yes, my (simple) example will consume more memory than using NSFileHandle/writeData: will, which will make a difference for large files. Glad it helped. – Paul Lynch Apr 7 '10 at 7:37
You can also use directly file instead of NSData. Ps : Consider huge files. – fyasar May 28 '12 at 13:55
+1 for the activity indicator. Thanks! – Adam Jul 19 '12 at 20:01

If you want to download videos asynchronous I would suggest using the ASI library, so your app doesn't lock up while you wait for the download to finish.


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