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I use to shorten my urls. My problem - paramters are not passed. Let me explain I use which redirects (let's say) to Now when I try this param is not added to the resulting url. I know I could create an extra "short url" including a paramter - so would result in and so forth.

But what I want is to have a short URL directing to a page - and then I want to add a parameter to this shortened url - which shoul (of course) land at my page.

Is this a shortcome of (and others are maybe able to do it) - or does "parameter forwarding" not work with 301 redirections?


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There's no technical reason why it couldn't be done. The service would simply have to look at what parameters it is being sent, and then rewrite the target URL accordingly.

The problem is that it's not necessarily well defined how to do that.

Suppose you have the url, and it has the short url What should happen if you try to access Should it replace the value, so you get foo=baz? Should it append it to make foo=bar&foo=baz? If we include both, which order should they be in?

The system cannot know which parameters are safe to override and which are not, because sometimes, you DO want both of them in the URL, and it may matter what order things are added in.

You could argue "Well, just don't allow this for URLs where parameters are already present", but there's also the issue that it's going to complicate the process a lot more. Without this, you just lookup a key in a database and send a redirect header. Now, you need to also analyze the URL to check for parameters, and append part of the URL you were called by. That requires more system resources per redirect, which may become a big problem if your service is used very frequently - you'll need more server power to handle the same amount of redirects. I don't think that tradeoff is considered to be "worth it".

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I would expect it to become foo=bar&foo=baz, FWIW (the parameters added to the short url should come after all the parameters part of the long url). I think this would yield sane results in most cases. – Matthew Flaschen Apr 3 '10 at 22:03
So it is technical (as I thought) possible - but some kind of a "logistic" or "how to handle" problem. If anyone knows a (stable) service whichs allows parameter adding please let me know. – ManniAT Apr 4 '10 at 8:26

Even though its an old post still might be valuable to anyone looking.

The service provides some way of passing parameters if you have following working:

Assuming your URL is: and you need to pass ?q=find+me+an+answer then with shortened url you'll have something like

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I would prefer to use but it does not pass the params from short URL to long URL as far as I can see.

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the enterprise version of will not drop parameters. one downside is that you must have a custom domain to be on the enterprise version - i.e. you cannot be on enterprise and have your shortener look like which beats the purpose of using a known shortener

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Can you add a link to the docs that say it will not drop parameters? – groovecoder Aug 3 at 21:41

The only one I've found till now is (via googled discussion). Not very short, but works - check for example:

(where /math was created by me, also /mimetex and /tex as alternatives).

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Try it will do parameter passing so you can do

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Great little tool! Unfortunately it seems to break if you try and put any special characters in the parameter. – Acorn Aug 1 '11 at 17:31
3 is a bloat. It first redirects to a webpage with with jquery and google analytics and then redirects to final page. Its too slow. – Palani Mar 21 '13 at 8:39
empty dreamhost page now :D – Tobias Jul 3 at 8:15

Yes, it can.

For example offers a webhop redirect, you can try it with a free account. You have to figure out a hostname, like, select service type as webhop redirect and set redirect url as ""

If you enter "" in browser, param will be added to the redirected URL.

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Just a follow up - fortunately we have a 4 letter domain. Using url-redirect we solved the problem by providing our own short url like this: which is short enough I guess. And we can pass parameters like this passing a "promotion ID" or for passing a promotion ID plus a refferer.

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URL shortening associates a unique key based on a full URL (parameters and all), so it is not possible to pass parameters to a shortening service.


must produce a different key to

'Parameter forwarding' is simply not possible in these kinds of redirects, as parameters are not valid parts of a shortened URL is most (if not all) services.

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Of course it's possible. OP's intention is not to have two target URLs map to exactly the same short URL - one key would still only map to one target. He just wants the service to manipulate the target using additional information provides as parameters. The two things are quite different. – Michael Madsen Apr 3 '10 at 22:12
Of course it's possible - if you're the service provider and build your service to allow that. But the OP talks about specifically. And nor any other current URL shortening service I know of does support parameter forwarding on short URLs. – David Johnson Apr 3 '10 at 22:27

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