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I have this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("").attr("id", "yt-uix-expander-arrow");
    $("#yt-uix-expander-arrow").mouseover(function() {

injected into Youtube. Using right click > inspect element, the <button class="yt-uix-expander-arrow"> has a id="yt-uix-expander-arrow" attribute successfully added to it. However the mouseover event does not trigger. However if I were to change $("#yt-uix-expander-arrow").mouseover() to $(".yt-uix-expander-arrow").mouseover() it works.

That's very unusual, because the #yt-uix-expander-arrow id has already been added to the button element. I tested it out on Facebook, adding a id to a class and doing a mouseover() event on the ID and it works.

Any idea?

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Can you provide more info? What exactly are you trying to do (I mean more than the obvious)? Can you provide code in a form that is more easily testable (i.e. provide the content script or at least give a url of a page you are trying to use this code on and a summary of the content script)?

Did you try just chaining them together?

$("").attr("id", "yt-uix-expander-arrow").mouseover(
    function() {

I set up the best test I could and your code worked fine (I think, again I'm not sure EXACTLY what you're trying to do). It's hard to say what's wrong without more context.

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Hi thanks, I got it already. I was careless, there are two button with the same class and I added the id to both of them. Naturally that won't work. Anyway you can find my extension here:… – Fabian Apr 5 '10 at 10:23

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