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I'm retrieving a key from an object that looks like this:

po obj
  TypeID = 3;
  TypeName = Asset;

The key value is being retrieved like this:

NSString *typeId = (NSString*)[obj objectForKey:@"TypeID"];

Rather than typeId being an NSString, it is an NSDecimalNumber. Why is that?

How do I convert it to an NSString?

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You need to use the stringWithFormat function:

NSString *typeId = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", [obj objectForKey:@"TypeID"]];

or stringValue:

NSString *typeId = [[obj objectForKey:@"TypeID"] stringValue];
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This should work:

NSString *typeId = [[obj objectForKey:@"TypeID"] stringValue];
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If you want to get string value, just use "description". It works fine even if returned type is NSDecimalNumber, or NSString, or whatever:

NSString *typeId = [[obj objectForKey:@"TypeID"] description];
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Use this to convert NSDecimalNumber to NSString:

NSDecimalNumber* dec1;
NSString* str;

str = dec1.stringValue;

Use this to convert NSString to NSDecimalNumber:

NSString* string1 = @"Stack overflow 123";
NSDecimalNumber* dec;

dec = (NSDecimalNumber *)string1;
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You can't just cast an NSString to an NSDecimalNumber, they are different type's and you'll crash if you try to use NSDecimalNumber methods on that pointer. – axiixc Apr 30 '14 at 4:31

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