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How exactly does subversion store files in the repository?

I have imported a fresh new project into my Subversion repository which is of 36MB, but after I imported my project, I checked the Repository folder and I see that the Repository folder just increased by 6MB. So, I am wondering, where actually my project files are saved ?

Environment: Windows 7, Client : Tortoise Subversion, Visual Studio Plugin : Visual Subversion.

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The files that you import into the Subversion repository are automatically compressed.

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By default, Subversion store all the project information in a BerkeleyDB database system.

So they are inside a DB which means compression, normalization and whatnot...

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Nowadays Subversion by default uses its own custom storage format (FSFS), not BerkeleyDB. –  Avi Apr 4 '10 at 6:42

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