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The new table has an auto-increment that I want to use for the data that I'm transferring.

Here is the query I want to run.

INSERT INTO `xyz_1mydata` SELECT * FROM `xyz_1production`  WHERE `xyz_1production.Id`  > '12000';

I don't want to replace the existing items in #_1mydata.

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explain what does existing items in #_1mydata means? do you want to say that you don't want to insert a record from production into mydata if there's a matching id already there? –  Unreason Apr 4 '10 at 18:06
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List all the fields you want to transfer in your query. In this case, every field except the Id field. That way the rows inserted into xyz_1mydata will get newly generated IDs.

INSERT INTO xyz_1mydata (field1, field2, ...)
    SELECT field1, field2, ... FROM xyz_1production...
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Thanks Matti, sounds very straightforward. –  Gary Gauthier Apr 4 '10 at 14:11
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