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I am new at Maven and even newer at Clojure. As an exercise to learn the language, I am writing a spider solitaire player program. I also plan on writing a similar program in Scala to compare the implementations (see my post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2571267/modern-java-alternatives-closed).

I have configured a Maven directory structure containing the usual src/main/clojure and src/test/clojure directories. My pom.xml file includes the clojure-maven-plugin. When I run "mvn test", it displays "No tests to run", despite my having test code in the src/test/clojure directory. As I misnaming something? Here is my pom.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0"
         xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.apache.org/xsd/maven-4.0.0.xsd">




                                <echo file="${project.build.sourceDirectory}/${main.dir}/Version.clj"
                                      message="(ns ${main.package})${line.separator}"/>
                                <echo file="${project.build.sourceDirectory}/${main.dir}/Version.clj" append="true"
                                      message="(def version &quot;${maven.build.timestamp}&quot;)${line.separator}"/>



Here is my Clojure source file (src/main/clojure/org/dogdaze/spider_player/Deck.clj):

; Copyright 2010 Dogdaze

(ns org.dogdaze.spider_player.Deck
     :only (shuffle)]))

(def suits [:clubs :diamonds :hearts :spades])
(def ranks [:ace :two :three :four :five :six :seven :eight :nine :ten :jack :queen :king])

(defn suit-seq
  "Return 4 suits:
  if number-of-suits == 1: :clubs :clubs :clubs :clubs
  if number-of-suits == 2: :clubs :diamonds :clubs :diamonds
  if number-of-suits == 4: :clubs :diamonds :hearts :spades."
  (take 4 (cycle (take number-of-suits suits))))

(defstruct card :rank :suit)

(defn unshuffled-deck
  "Create an unshuffled deck containing all cards from the number of suits specified."
    [rank ranks suit (suit-seq number-of-suits)]
    (struct card rank suit)))

(defn deck
  "Create a shuffled deck containing all cards from the number of suits specified."
  (shuffle (unshuffled-deck number-of-suits)))

Here is my test case (src/test/clojure/org/dogdaze/spider_player/TestDeck.clj):

; Copyright 2010 Dogdaze

(ns org.dogdaze.spider_player

(deftest test-suit-seq
  (is (= (suit-seq 1) [:clubs :clubs :clubs :clubs]))
  (is (= (suit-seq 2) [:clubs :diamonds :clubs :diamonds]))
  (is (= (suit-seq 4) [:clubs :diamonds :hearts :spades])))

(def one-suit-deck
  [{:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs}
   {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :clubs}])

(def two-suits-deck
  [{:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :diamonds}
   {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :diamonds}])

(def four-suits-deck
  [{:rank :ace, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ace, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :ace, :suit :hearts} {:rank :ace, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :two, :suit :clubs} {:rank :two, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :two, :suit :hearts} {:rank :two, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :three, :suit :clubs} {:rank :three, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :three, :suit :hearts} {:rank :three, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :four, :suit :clubs} {:rank :four, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :four, :suit :hearts} {:rank :four, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :five, :suit :clubs} {:rank :five, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :five, :suit :hearts} {:rank :five, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :six, :suit :clubs} {:rank :six, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :six, :suit :hearts} {:rank :six, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :seven, :suit :clubs} {:rank :seven, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :seven, :suit :hearts} {:rank :seven, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :eight, :suit :clubs} {:rank :eight, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :eight, :suit :hearts} {:rank :eight, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :nine, :suit :clubs} {:rank :nine, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :nine, :suit :hearts} {:rank :nine, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :ten, :suit :clubs} {:rank :ten, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :ten, :suit :hearts} {:rank :ten, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :jack, :suit :clubs} {:rank :jack, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :jack, :suit :hearts} {:rank :jack, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :queen, :suit :clubs} {:rank :queen, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :queen, :suit :hearts} {:rank :queen, :suit :spades}
   {:rank :king, :suit :clubs} {:rank :king, :suit :diamonds} {:rank :king, :suit :hearts} {:rank :king, :suit :spades}])

(deftest test-unshuffled-deck
  (is (= (unshuffled-deck 1) one-suit-deck))
  (is (= (unshuffled-deck 2) two-suits-deck))
  (is (= (unshuffled-deck 4) four-suits-deck)))

(deftest test-shuffled-deck
  (is (= (set (deck 1)) (set one-suit-deck)))
  (is (= (set (deck 2)) (set two-suits-deck)))
  (is (= (set (deck 4)) (set four-suits-deck))))


Any idea why the test is not running? BTW, feel free to suggest improvements to the Clojure code.

Thanks, Ralph

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Still can't get my compiles to work correctly. Will play with it again this next weekend. –  Ralph Apr 8 '10 at 13:22
This question and it's answered helped me. Thanks. –  devdanke Feb 21 '14 at 20:27

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The key bit you're missing from your pom.xml (just cribbing from the clojure-contrib pom.xml) is an execution under the clojure-maven-plugin:

    <!-- Current Config -->
        <!-- ... -->

It may also be necessary to add something like this under <build/>:

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You may prefer the maven clojure plugin's target test-with-junit which generates standard JUnit report files (see also the with-junit-output macro), so that results can be displayed by Jenkins/Hudson/.. continuous integration server and similar. –  Jakub Holý Jul 28 '11 at 12:26
Today I read the clojure-maven-plugin docs and saw that if you make the project's <packaging>clojure</packaging>, then the plugin's config defaults to the values suggested by @ig0774. –  devdanke Feb 21 '14 at 20:02

I would not expect the surefire plugin to run something else than Java tests so, with your current setup, there is indeed "No tests to run". I suggest to use the clojure-maven-plugin here. Also check Why using Maven for Clojure builds is a no-brainer.

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You can look to this example of pom.xml with clojure-maven-plugin & tests. By default, clojure-maven-plugin should generate test-runner automatically, as described in documentation.

And it's better to use latest version of clojure-maven-plugin - 1.3.2, in which there are several bugs were fixed

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You probably want to point testSourceDirectory at src/test/clojure:

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Already tried that. Didn't make any difference. The pom.xml listed above is wrong. –  Ralph Apr 4 '10 at 14:31
these directives should be in <configuration> section of clojure-maven-plugin declaration –  Alex Ott Apr 5 '10 at 16:53

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