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I'm somewhat new to object oriented programming in Javascript and I'm trying to build a handler object and library for a list of items I get back from an API call. Ideally, I'd like the library functions to be members of the handler class. I'm having trouble getting my class method to work however. I defined as part of the class bcObject the method getModifiedDateTime, but when I try to echo the result of the objects call to this method, I get this error:

Error on line 44 position 26: Expected ';'
    this.getModifiedDateTime: function(epochtime) {

which leads me to believe that I simply have a syntax issue with my method definition but I can't figure out where.


function response(MyObject) {
    bcObject = new bcObject(MyObject);

    thing = bcObject.getModifiedDateTime(bcObject.videoItem[0].lastModifiedDate);

function bcObject(listObject) {
  // define class members
  this.responseList = {};
  this.videoCount = 0;
    this.videoItem = [];
    this.responseListError = "";

    // instantiate members
    this.responseList = listObject;
    this.videoCount = listObject.items.length;

    // populate videoItem array
    for (i=0;i<this.videoCount;i++) {
        this.videoItem[i] = listObject.items[i];

    this.getModifiedDateTime: function(epochtime) {
        var dateStringOutput = "";
        var myDate = new Date(epochtime);
        dateStringOutput = myDate.toLocaleString();
        return dateStringOutput;
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Try =: this.getModifiedDateTime = function(epochtime) { – Alex Ciminian Apr 4 '10 at 14:54
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You should use the = operator for methods defined as you did there (this.<methodName> = function (...) {).

The colon notation is used when declaring object literals.

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You use = to assign values in JS, not ::

this.getModifiedDateTime = function(epochtime) {
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