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Does anyone have an example that parses out the information from a LinkedIn profile using VBScript? I have a database which contains client information, and I have been including the client Key for LinkedIn in hopes of having it automatically update some or possibly all of the information for that client.

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Not sure what you want out of there, but you'll want to use the Microsoft XMLHTTP request object. My syntax may be a little rusty, and you should add error handling, but that looks roughly like this (complete reference easy to find on Google):

dim url, contents
dim xmlhttp_o
set xmlhttp_o = createobject( "microsoft.xmlhttp" )

'* generate complete url with the keys in your db *'
url = "http://linkedin.com/<whatever...>"

xmlhttp_o.open "get", url, false

contents = xmlhttp_o.responsetext

At that point, contents contains the HTML of the page you want on LinkedIn. A little string manipulation can get out whatever you want.

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