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public class Foo
        public List<string> list1 { get; set;}
        public List<string> list2 { get; set; }  
        public string url;

and a ListView with two columns

 <ListView Name="listview" ItemsSource="{Binding}">
                <GridViewColumn Header="list1" 
                       DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Path=list1}" />
                <GridViewColumn Header="list2" 
                       DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Path=list2}" />

How i can to bind instance of Foo class to ListView?

Here i set a DataContext

listview.DataContext = new Foo()
                                           list1 = new[] { "dsfasd", "asdfasdf", "asdf", "asdfsd" }.ToList(),
                                           list2 = new[] { "dsfasd", "asdfasdf", "asdf", "asdfasd" }.ToList()

But it's not work.

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I would set its datacontext in code behind to your instance of Foo.

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I already set datacontext but it still doesnt work –  Neir0 Apr 5 '10 at 6:31
Oke sorry, I looked over it a bit too fast. Could you clarify what you are precisely trying to do ?(the result you want) I think there is a better way to this then the current approach. –  Samuel De Rycke Apr 5 '10 at 22:18

Not sure what you are trying to do, but list1 and 2 are two collections. ItemsSource itself must be a collection (or possibly at least an Ienumerable, I don't know off my head). I don't see that your class Foo implements anything that resemblles a collection. You will not be able to bing to list1/2 that way.

You can e.g. let Foo implement IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string,string>> and then yield out Key Value pairs with your strings. Then you could bind to Properties Key and Value.

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