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In a drop down list, I need to add spaces in front of the options in the list. I am trying


for adding two spaces but it displays no spaces. How can I add spaces before option texts?

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Isnt &#160 the entity for space?

<option>&#160;option 1</option>
<option>    option 2</option>

Works for me..


Just checked this out, there may be compat issues with this on older browsers, but all seems to work fine for me here. Just thought I should let you know as you may want to replace with &nbsp;

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I think you want &nbsp; or &#160;

So a fixed version of your example could be...



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This won't work as the &nbsp; will come out as &nbsp; rather than a space. – Adamantus Dec 7 '12 at 14:57
It is working for me (displaying a space not &nbsp;) in Chrome v23. Where are you seeing it display &nbsp;? Is there any chance you had &amp;nbsp; rather than &nbsp; ? – Matt Sheppard Dec 8 '12 at 23:17

As Rob Cooper pointed out, there are some compatibility issues with older browsers (IE6 will display the actual letters "& nbsp;"

This is how I get around it in ASP.Net (I don't have VS open so I'm not sure what characters this actually gets translated to):

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You got it right. – Mr Grieves Oct 8 '10 at 22:28

I'm nearly certain you can accomplish this with CSS padding, as well. Then you won't be married to the space characters being hard-coded into all of your <option> tags.

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I'm nearly certain you can accomplish this with CSS padding, as well. Then you won't be married to the space characters being hard-coded into all of your tags.

Good thinking - but unfortunately it doesn't work in (everyone's favourite browser...) IE7 :-(

Here's some code that will work in Firefox (and I assume Op/Saf).

    <option style="padding-left: 0px;">Blah</option>
        <option style="padding-left: 5px;">Blah</option>
            <option style="padding-left: 10px;">Blah</option>
    <option style="padding-left: 0px;">Blah</option>
        <option style="padding-left: 5px;">Blah</option>
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You can also press alt+space (on mac) for a non-breaking space. I use it for a Drupal module because Drupal decodes html entities.

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actually this is the only working solution for me. – Jason Jan 31 '12 at 6:44
This helped me with Perch CMS. – AlexKempton Oct 28 '15 at 10:59

Use \xA0 with String. This Works Perfect while binding C# Model Data to a Dropdown...

  SectionsList.ForEach(p => { p.Text = "\xA0\xA0Section: " + p.Text; });
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For me it was the only solution in JS using IE/FF/Chrome. – Laszlo Varga Mar 10 '14 at 9:52
This was, also, the only answer that worked for me. – Tod Dec 2 '14 at 16:14

Just use char 255 (Alt+255) with a fixed width font like 'Courrier New'

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i tried multiple things but the only thing that worked for me was to use javascript. just notice that i'm using the unicode code for space rather than the html entity, as js doenst know a thing about entities

$("#project_product_parent_id option").each(function(i,option){
  $option = $(option);
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Server.HtmlDecode("&nbsp;") is the only one that worked for me.

Otherwise the chr are printed as text.

I tried to add the padding as a Attribute for the listitem, however it didnt affect it.

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Can you try that? Or is it the same?

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I was also having the same issue and I was required to fix this as soon as possible and I googled alot and was not able to find a quick solution. So I used my own solution and I am not sure if its appropriate but in my case its working and exactly which I was required to do.

So when you are adding an ListItem in dropdown and you want to add space then use the following:-

Press ALT KEY and type 0160, so it should be something like this ALT + 0160. It will add a space.

ListItem("ALT+0160 ALT+0160 TEST", "TESTVAL")

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