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Does anyone know how I can resize a winform when it has no border. I don't want the default border that Windows has, so I changed the property "FormBorderStyle" to "None". This removed the border, although now it can't be resized. I've figured out how to move the form around, I just need to know how to resize it.

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Some sample code that allow moving and resizing the form:

  public partial class Form1 : Form {
    public Form1() {
      this.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None;
      this.DoubleBuffered = true;
      this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.ResizeRedraw, true);
    private const int cGrip = 16;      // Grip size
    private const int cCaption = 32;   // Caption bar height;

    protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e) {
      Rectangle rc = new Rectangle(this.ClientSize.Width - cGrip, this.ClientSize.Height - cGrip, cGrip, cGrip);
      ControlPaint.DrawSizeGrip(e.Graphics, this.BackColor, rc);
      rc = new Rectangle(0, 0, this.ClientSize.Width, cCaption);
      e.Graphics.FillRectangle(Brushes.DarkBlue, rc);

    protected override void WndProc(ref Message m) {
      if (m.Msg == 0x84) {  // Trap WM_NCHITTEST
        Point pos = new Point(m.LParam.ToInt32() & 0xffff, m.LParam.ToInt32() >> 16);
        pos = this.PointToClient(pos);
        if (pos.Y < cCaption) {
          m.Result = (IntPtr)2;  // HTCAPTION
        if (pos.X >= this.ClientSize.Width - cGrip && pos.Y >= this.ClientSize.Height - cGrip) {
          m.Result = (IntPtr)17; // HTBOTTOMRIGHT
      base.WndProc(ref m);
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If you remove the border you also remove the builtin functionality to resize the frame. There are ways to get around it, but you would have to build your own functionality for drag-and-resize the border.

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Remove the Controlbox, set the Text to "" (!!!) and give it back its sizeable border.

No hassle, no hack. Better than the accepted solution imo because: Normal behaviour, i.e. sizeable from all sides and corners!

In order to move it:

private const int WM_NCHITTEST = 0x84;
private const int HTCLIENT = 0x1;
private const int HTCAPTION = 0x2;
protected override void WndProc(ref Message message)
    base.WndProc(ref message);
    if (message.Msg == WM_NCHITTEST && (int)message.Result == HTCLIENT)
        message.Result = (IntPtr)HTCAPTION;

Tiny hack ;-)

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