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Hey, I want to add a parameter to a URL but currently it isnt showing in the $_GET global. A snippet from my htaccess file is as below:

RewriteRule ^account/blogs/([0-9]+)/([^\s?]+)/?$ /account/blog.php?blogId=$1 [L,QSA]

Then in my php code i want to add a link such as:


The wildcard (any char but space) option is for the blog title as i never know what it would be. I know want to add a query string param on the end such as ?delete=1. I however dont want this as part of the rewrite.

Does anybody know how to so this? Thanks

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My best bet would be to simply add get variables to the regex, like so:

RewriteRule ^account/blogs/([0-9]+)/([^\s?]+)/?(\?(.*))?$ /account/blog.php?blogId=$1&$4 [L,QSA]

This would rewrite




It would also support additional variables.

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