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I remember reading somewhere on the internets about a half-assed tiny django CMS app, which was basically built on 'snippets' of text.

The idea was, that in the admin, you make a snippet (say a description of a product), give it a name (such as 'google_desc') and call it in a template with something like {% snippet google_desc %} and bam!

I think it was this guy that made it, but im not quite sure.

Would anyone know where i could find this piece of awesomeness?

Edit: I was after an app or something to plug into my project. Not, an existing website/service.

Edit 2: insin got it. I was after django-chunks

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Sounds like django-chunks to me.

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Are you talking about Django Simplepages? Official site here.

Another project that sounds similar to what you're after is django-page-cms.

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No... thats not it. –  David Pearce Nov 3 '08 at 3:14
And quite awesomely, just 2 hours after the question was asked, searching Google for "django snippet sms" (no quotes) gives this question as the second result. I remember seeing somewhere what you're looking for, but can't recall exactly what it was either. –  Harley Holcombe Nov 3 '08 at 3:43

If you need some more features just checkout django-blocks (http://code.google.com/p/django-blocks/). Has multi-language Menu, Flatpages and even has a simple Shopping Cart!!

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