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How can I add a PHP extension called "AMF" to my MAMP setup in Mac OSX?

Thanks in advance :)

Cheers, Mark

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I think I did it. Here are the tutorial links that I have followed :)


Other reference link:


Syntax I used:

./pecl i amfext-0.9.2

The links above worked with the newly compiled amf.so in my extensions folder but the AMFEXT php extension did not appear in the phpinfo.php.

I will try to use this link I just found: http://www.phpbuilder.com/board/showthread.php?t=10363479&page=3

I will update this answer tomorrow if the phpbuilder link worked.

Cheers! :D

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amfext is long outdated and unstable. Check this extension out - http://neoxic.me/php-amf3/

No problem building and integrating into MAMP!

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