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Do you know of any text editor that can be used with a spell checker which is smart enough to ignore XHML/CSS and javascript tags?

The requirements would be:

  1. It must run in Linux;
  2. It must be free and open source;
  3. It doesn't need to have WYSIWYG capabilities, but they would be welcome.
  4. It must have built in "tag skipping" capabilities or be configurable to skip (X)HTML tags, CSS and embedded Javascript;
  5. It doesn't need to have a HTML validator, but if it does it will be a plus;

    I've tried to use spell checker plugins for Kate, HTML validators for Firefox, Eclipse's HTML editor, but I couldn't find a solution that have a speel checker that ignores hml tags.

Thanks for any help, Luís

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Emacs + flyspell-prog-mode + nxhtml-mode

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Can you elaborate this answer? – manu Jan 12 '11 at 17:14

Vim. For example, I use the following settings:

set spell
set spelllang=en_gb
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I agree, and you can install GVIM on Windows as well. It is cross platform, and very lightweight. And it's also one of the "old standards" used by veteran computer professionals... – Etamar Laron Apr 5 '10 at 13:52
@Etamar: if you agree, why not upvote my answer? ;-) – Konrad Rudolph Apr 5 '10 at 14:56

Although other people have cited other good text-based editors, some people might find a GUI application easier to learn.

There is the BlueFish editor. It supports HTML, CSS, Javascript and other languages. I've just experimented a little more and its spell checker does ignore all HTML tags.

Edit: the spell checker doesn't ignore javascript, though. Other than that, it works.

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