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I've a code to sort table using Jquery.I use toggle function to alternate clicks,and toggle beetween 'ascend' and 'descend' sort.Once you click header's table it should sort it contents.

However,there's a bug:

I click once,it sorts,then when i click again,nothing happens.I need to click again (second time) to execute the second function,and sort again.

Toggle should switch functions with single clicks,not double,am i right?

Here is the code:

 firstRow.toggle(function() {

        sorted = $.makeArray($("td:eq(0)", "tr")).sort().reverse();
        sorted2 = $.makeArray($("td:eq(1)", "tr")).sort().reverse();
        sorted3 = $.makeArray($("td:eq(2)", "tr")).sort().reverse();

        for (var i = 0; i < sorted.length; i++) {
            $("td", "tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").remove();
            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted[i]).text()));

            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted2[i]).text()));

            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted3[i]).text()));

    }, function() {

        sorted = $.makeArray($("td:eq(0)", "tr")).sort();
        sorted2 = $.makeArray($("td:eq(1)", "tr")).sort();
        sorted3 = $.makeArray($("td:eq(2)", "tr")).sort();

        for (var i = 0; i < sorted.length; i++) {
            $("td", "tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").remove();
            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted[i]).text()));

            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted2[i]).text()));

            $("tr:eq(" + (i + 1) + ")").append($("<td></td>").text($(sorted3[i]).text()));

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Why not use tablesorter instead of rolling your own version: – Powerlord Apr 5 '10 at 14:40
cause,i need to learn to sort by myself – ozsenegal Apr 5 '10 at 14:46
Very nice, Oz. I'm getting tired of people pointing me toward other plugins. Nobody ever learned anything by using other people's creations without asking how they worked. – dclowd9901 Apr 5 '10 at 14:51
there was a logic error,i dont need to switch beetween those functions to sort.I just need to call sort().reverse() every time,thk all – ozsenegal Apr 5 '10 at 15:34
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Your toggle code looks OK. When I have had a situation where it takes a second click to get the event to fire, it has been the case that I have applied the toggle twice to the selector (in this case firstRow). Or that there is more than one jQuery object.

Check that you have not applied it twice, or attach your code to a simple div to test if it is working independently of the firstRow selector. eg:

 $("div.testclass").toggle(function() {
    // do this
}, function() {
   // undo this

We may need to see your HTML too.

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From your post, it sounds like things would behave as you expected if you waited longer between your first and second click. The double-click function could be eating your second click if you do it too soon. If that is the case, bind this handler to both the click and double-click events, then treat them as if they were the same event.

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