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We have Xserver-less CentOS system for continuous integration. So no UI.

I want to run selenium test cases on it. I am using new Alpha version of Selenium2 which has WebDriver integration. It starts and ends browser by its own. Now, How do I start that in background? Something similar is possible with Internet Explorer?

I am able to run correctly on local machine. But it opens Firefox UI.

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Are you able to run a virtual frame buffer? That way, all the GUI programs can believe there's graphics happening, even if there's no actual screen. You may wish to search for the term "headless". One example.

Another possibility may be to use Celerity - a ruby-based "headless browser". It uses the Watir interface (originally a competitor to selenium), which I understand to be merging with webdriver.

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Thanks for link. I had done this earlier but forgot how to use it. What about windows platform ? How so many projects do selenium testing for their UI ? Its strange..cos s many ppl use continuous integration and selenium. As far as i know continuous integration servers are does not really need X or UI. They are headless. There is so less documentation available for this. – Jigar Shah Apr 9 '10 at 13:31

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