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I have a combobox where the SelectedValue on the combo is bound to a property on a business object.

Everything works fine, but the property that's bound to the SelectedValue on the combo only gets updated when the focus leaves the control. I understand that the property doesn't get updated until the control is validated (loses focus), but I need it to update the datasource as soon as the dropdown is closed.

I know I could probably leave focus from the control on the DropDownClosed event but I'd prefer something a little less kludgy.

What's the best way to immediately update my datasource when the dropdown is closed?

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Set the DataSourceUpdateMode to OnPropertyChanged. Here is similar problem:


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Wow thanks! That's pretty bad that I wasn't familiar with the OnPropertyChanged mode of DataSourceUpdateMode. Simple! – Fake Nov 2 '10 at 17:38

The way I'd do it is to set (in the events) the OnUpdate of the combo box and put in the

Me.<business object>.Requery
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