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is there any Flex component displaying tag clouds ? (Each array item is composed by - tag name - populairity value


It is very important the tags do not override each other, to keep it readable.


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Not sure exactly what your looking for, but here's a basic one:


This guy took the above and added to it, unfortunately his domain name is expired at the moment so you can't see his demo


more of his work, I think this is a better polished version, but still inaccessible till the dude renews his domain:


This is an $8 pay for use component:


I think this is the best with links to source code:


FYI all of these links came up searching google for "flex tag cloud"

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I have a 3 different versions of a Adobe Flex Tag Cloud. For Flex 3 I have one that uses the flexlib FlowBox component. I also created a 3D Tag Cloud similar to the one on WordPress. And a couple weeks ago, I created a Flex 4 Tag Cloud Layout that makes use of multi-line links depending on a dynamically sized container.

Here is one of the urls and you should be able to search and find the others at the same place:

Adobe Flex 4 Tag Cloud Layout


Any or all of these might be able to help you. Let me know if I can help answer any questions.


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