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Is the areanything special you need in html or Callbacks in a UIWebView to handle anchor tags with an href, or is there something special about an anchor tag with a mailto link in the href?

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In your UIWebView's delegate, do:

- (BOOL)webView:(UIWebView *)webView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request navigationType:(UIWebViewNavigationType)navigationType {
    if ([[[request URL] scheme] isEqual:@"mailto"]) {
        [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[request URL]];
        return NO;
    return YES;
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I noticed that when running in the iPhone simulator, I could click on an HTTP link in my UIWebView and it would open in Safari, but when I clicked on a mailto link nothing would happen. But when I deployed the app to a real device, it worked. I expect the reason is because there is no mail app on the simulator, but there is Safari.

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No email app on the iOS Simulator. D'oh! That never crossed my mind. Thanks for ending my confusion and frustration. – Basil Bourque Oct 16 '13 at 5:01

I wanted to note that this is probably not the best solution.

UIWebView does have a property called dataDetectorTypes - setting this to all or address should solve your problem without overriding the Method mentioned above:

myWebView.dataDetectorTypes = UIDataDetectorTypeAll; //or UIDataDetectorTypeAddress etc..

But be aware that this might not work on the simulator - I tried it with the iPad 6.0 Simulator where it's not working although on an iPad Device it's working like a charm!

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