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I am having a hard time getting cxf to validate an xml request that my service creates for a 3rd party.

My project uses maven. Here is my project structure

Main Module :

+ Sub-Module1 = Application

+ sub-Module2 = Interfaces

In Interfaces, inside src/main/resources I have my wsdl and xsd. so, src/main/resources + mywsdl.wsdl. + myschema.xsd

The interface submodule is listed as a dependency in the Application-sub-module. inside Application sub-module, there is a cxsf file in src/maim/resources.

<jaxws:client name="{myTargerNameSpaceName}port"
        <entry key="schema-validation-enabled" value="true" />


    <jaxws:endpoint name="{myTargetNameSpaceName}port"
        <entry key="schema-validation-enabled" value="true" />

I tried changing the "name="{myTargetNameSpaceName}port" to "name="{myEndPointName}port"

But to no anvil.

My application works. But it just do not validate the xml I am producing that has to be consumed by a 3rd party application. I would like to get the validation working, so that any request that I send would be a valid one.

Any suggestions?

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Watch out for that anvil. – bmargulies Jan 13 '11 at 18:53
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First ensure that the value of the name attribute is {NAMESPACE}PORT_NAME where NAMESPACE is your namespace URI and PORT_NAME is the name of your WSDL port. Without seeing your WSDL, I don't know if you named your WSDL port "port" or if you are just giving a sanitized example.

For example, my WSDL namespace is "" and the name of my WSDL port element is "myPort", the Spring configuration would look like this

<jaxws:endpoint name="{}myPort" >

See "CreatedFromAPI" attribute description in CXF docs

If that doesn't solve your problem, try looking at the wsdl_first example code, upgrading your CXF version, and/or posting your question with test code demonstrating your issue to the CXF user list.

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Thank you for your response. :) <quote> Without seeing your WSDL, I don't know if you named your WSDL port "port" or if you are just giving a sanitized example </quote> My bad. I had sanitized the name, but forgot to add "my" as a prefix to make it "myPort". I have given it exactly as you have listed it. However I am using version 2.1.3. I shall check if I can use a newer version and also study the example to see if it will help me understand the problem. – SGB Apr 5 '10 at 18:59

Just add @org.apache.cxf.annotations.SchemaValidation annotation on your service implementation class and schema validation will work.

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We had similar issues. CXF 2.3.1 fixed the issue for us on incoming messages but not outgoing messages.

We work around it by marshaling the messages and validating them within the server before sending them out through the CXF interceptor chain. We validate using org.springframework.xml.validation.XmlValidator.

I'm hoping a future version of CXF will solve this but this is what we do for now.

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