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I've been reading up on the merits of IIS 6 compression over at CodingHorror (here), but I don't get where I'm supposed to make those alterations. Web.config or somewhere else?

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in the IIS configuration file Metabase.xml. Its location is:


inside the XML file find the sections jeff talks about, and make those changes.

beware of one detail, default IIS 6 compression settings introduces problems for users behind some proxies, some HTTP 1.0 related issue ( ), so make sure to disable the compression for HTTP 1.0 requests by setting the following setting to true:


details at:

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Great answer. The path to the xml in particular what I was after (don't like not knowing where the options are). I checked the other option you mentioned and it's already true, I guess that's default :) – United Apr 15 '10 at 18:08
lucky you, i've been pulling my hair for two months because of that :) . althouth, i don't remember if it was false by default, or by copying jeff's configuration from blog post... – zappan Apr 16 '10 at 11:02

Here's a great walk-through on enabling HTTP Compression (gzip) on IIS 6:

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You do it in IIS Manager.

Microsoft Docs on IIS 6 HTTP Compression

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