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When I type ctags -e it returns an error saying it doesn't know that command line option. I thought it should know about exuberant tags because etags works on cli.

Also, I recieve the following error: ctags: unrecognized option --langdef=arc and I have the following in my ~/.ctags file:

--regex-arc=/^\(def ([a-zA-Z1-9_*\/<>-]+)/\1/
--regex-arc=/^\(= ([a-zA-Z1-9_*\/<>-]+)/\1/
--regex-scheme=/^\(xdef ([a-zA-Z1-9_*\/<>-]+)/\1/
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The string "unrecognized" doesn't appear anywhere in exuberant-ctags, so I'm curious how you're getting that error. Are you sure you're actually running /usr/bin/ctags? –  jamessan Apr 5 '10 at 19:03

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etags is short for "Emacs tags", not "exuberant ctags". It sounds like you have Emacs' etags command installed, not exuberant-ctags'.

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Thank you for the clarification! many things start making more sense :) –  Alexander Bird Apr 5 '10 at 18:51

It turns out that my system has basic ctags installed, but not exuberant-ctags. so even though some etags command existed, exuberant-ctags is still different in some way or another.

sudo apt-get install ctags fixed the problem

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On windows, Emacs comes with etags and a similar executable file called ctags. In the emacs distribution, etags.exe = ctags.exe in the bin directory. You should download Exuberant Ctags from http://ctags.sourceforge.net/ Only exuberant ctags recognize -e option.

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