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Well, since I am facing some issues with OAuth implementation, I decided to go back to normal method where users will input their login id and password and I will use them in my code to validate their google account to fetch calendar information. So when user enters login id and password, the page is getting stuck. When I check the code, setUserCredentials is the method where it is getting stuck. But when I enter my login id and password and debug on development site, it works fine. There is no problem when I debug. And importantly , the problem appears for first time only, once I debug the code and next time I try it without breakpoint, it works fine.

Does anyone know why setUserCredentials takes time or any way I can track why it is taking so time?

I have asked the same question on Google data api forum, but nobody answered it.

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I reverted back to old Google Data API version from 1.41 to 1.40 and it worked.

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What issues are you facing with the OAuth implementation? Using client login can potentially cause accounts to be flagged as hijacked.

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I have the questions related to Oauth earlier. Well my application is safe and asks for user details for once only. –  yogsma Apr 9 '10 at 14:43

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