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We are using jquery for pagination. We are pulling millions of records from the database and then th jquery does the pagination on the front end. that is a very slow process. Can someone advice us of a solution in php and jquery where we pull 50 records at a time? Thanks

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What database are you using? – Felix Kling Apr 5 '10 at 20:26
Which jQuery table plugin are you using? – webbiedave Apr 5 '10 at 20:43
Ridiculous. Millions of records being sent to the client? Dear g-d! – Jacob Relkin Apr 6 '10 at 4:28
@JacobRelkin Give the guy a break! He said he wants to serve them 50 records at a time. That's only 20,000 pages to click through per million records!!! ;-) – Phill Healey Apr 4 '14 at 10:14
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Yes, you should use ajax instead of retrieving the whole thing, try this:

$.get("path/to/page.php", { param1: "myParam1", page: "pagenumber" },

For further information on the $.get function read this:

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Do you really need/want to use jquery for the pagination aswell?

On the php side you can work out the row number to start from (using page_number-1 * number_of_rows_per_page) so page 1 will start at row 0, page 2 at 50. That way you only grab 50 rows at a time.

jQuery can then be used to style the table and or send an ajax request to the script to retrieve the specific rows.

$page_number = $_GET['page']; //Could POST this if u want to keep your urls tidy
$num_rows_per_page = 50;
$start_row = ($page_number -1) * $num_rows_per_page;

//This will get just the specified number of rows
$sql = "SELECT * from mytable LIMIT $start_row, $num_rows_per_page"
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I've used jqGrid for an ASP.NET MVC app but they do a php version which should be good to use.

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A simple jquery pagination for table, div and li you can see it from Simple Jquery Pagination

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if ($page < $counter - 1) 
 $pagination.= "<a href=\"$targetpage?page=$next\">next >></a>";
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