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i'v got a trouble, i want to use Ckeditor with my project, i have Windows with Zend Server installed (apache2, php 5.2, mysql5), encoding is utf-8. When i initialize ckeditor or another elRTE editor i have error: syntax error [Break on this error] \n all html is valid, if i delete doctype line, script says that error in another line: XML cannot be the whole program... jQuery work's fine, i think that problem is in the config of apache or php, can somebody help! Thx a lot!

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Could you add the code where you declare and initialize the editor? –  tloflin Apr 5 '10 at 21:49
sure! - pastebin.com/Dx1hhYK5 ! –  teMkaa Apr 5 '10 at 22:07

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You don't need to write the whole path! It's enough to leave the first / out. Means ck/ckeditor.js instead of /ck/ckeditor.js

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i found a problem! i include js lib with short path like - /ck/ckeditor.js , it was the wrong way. When i change it to full path http://site/ck/ckeditor.js, trouble was gone! :)

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