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The B-tree is of order 4, meaning that a node can hold 4 pointers, and 3 keys.

The following is inserted: A G I Y

Since they can't all fit in one node, I know that the node will split. So I know there's going to be a root node with 2 child nodes after these things are inserted, but I don't know exactly what they'll look like.

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A is inserted


G is inserted


I is inserted

 / \
A   I

While inserting Y the node is full, split into 2 nodes and pass up the middle, G

 / \
A   IY

Y is inserted

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Here's an animation of the operations:{"actions":[["initTree",{"keys":[]},2],["insert","A"],["insert","G"],["insert","I"],["insert","Y"]]}

The second parameter to "initTree" is the order, but using another defintion. The maximum number of keys in this program is 2*order-1. So I set the order to 2 and it matches your example.

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