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Is there such a thing as JspC in the Seam/JSF/Facelets world?

I used the Tomcat's JspC to validate a JSP/Struts application to validate if there are typos in the JSPs or some JSP was calling a Java function that didn't exist, etc. etc.

From time to time I come across bugs in my current project (Seam/Facelets/RichFaces) where it's caused by a typo in action/value binding. And I think bugs like these can be caught using a program. Just wondering if someone has already written one.

Basically a tool that can validate if the method/value binding are correct. I know this would be specially hard in Seam since names are Context sensitive and the tool should somehow figure out what the context is. But I think it should be easier to just check if the names are valid and the Objects bound to those names have the methods and/or properties being referred to in the JSF page.


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JBoss tools provides similar functionality.

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